Office of Public Instruction (OSPI) Zoom Meeting with WFIS – April 2, 2020



Essential workers at schools

  • On the public side this is happening at the district level.  We encourage you to check in with your local ESD about what essential looks like for them.

Higher Education

  • In conversation with Higher Ed about not only this year’s seniors but also juniors in regards to credits and testing requirements.  Look for a systemic answer not each individual institution.

When are we coming back?

  • A decision about the current closure, whether to extend it or not, should be coming within a week from the governors office. 
  • Chris’ statement was that looking at the science it’s hard to see a scenario that our current closure doesn’t get extended in some way.


  • What will that look like?   Virtual?   Postpone? - how long 


  • Best practice would be to not be working 1:1 with students on the platform
    It has security issues unless you configure the settings to make it safer. (password, waiting room, etc.)

LMS (Learning Management System)